About Us

Hangzhou Moon building materials limited was founded in 2007, the company is located in China's integrated ceiling home, integrated ceiling biggest industrialization base of China-jiaxing, Zhejiang. Specializes in the home ceiling design, production, sales and service, abrasive manufacturing as a core, research and development, production and sales of complete industry chain enterprises. Moon construction products related to living room, dining room, bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, Hall, balcony, wall space. Main products integrated ceiling, and brand integrated ceiling, and integrated ceiling ten brand ranking, and integrated ceiling installation, and art integrated ceiling, and integrated ceiling led lamp, and integrated ceiling bath PA, and integrated ceiling material, and led integrated ceiling, and integrated ceiling buckle Board,

since created yilai, Moon building materials always around "to innovation technology for oriented, full build new home ceiling space; through free type combination of integrated module technology, for human created quality life", and in enterprise business strategy, and management mode, and And many other aspects of continuous innovation and development of enterprise culture, creating home ceiling a unique competitive advantage. Using modern technology to create stylish, edgy, classic home ceiling space at the same time, inherited Italy Baroque art design concept, set in one of luxury, passion, space, rendering top quality home decorating living space. Therefore, the Moon building materials has won "Chinese consumers (users) satisfied with the AAA brand", "integrated ceiling China top ten famous brand" and "China green building materials", "China famous trademark" "Chinese industry inspection-free product", and through the "quality management system certification", "national CCC certification" and other honors.

Moon building materials with a strong technical advantages and a professional sales team, with innovative products and quality services, driven by the brand's influence the rapid growth of the market, at present, the country has a strong sales network, chain stores exceeded the number of more than 200. Great to meet consumer demand for home ceiling.

the glory and the dream! Moon construction materials, since the beginning of the creation, heritage and creativity, harmony and lasting, etched on top of the enterprise development roadmap, brick by brick, step one, build belongs to Moon's century-old great wall of building materials and intensive cultivation, the focus on quality, build national brand ceiling China furniture industry.