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Integrated ceiling selection to avoid installation errors

ceiling refers to the top of the housing renovation, is an important part of home decoration. Many people see the ceiling material test reports, only through their own choice, and it must avoid ceiling selection of four errors.

integrated ceiling effect
mistakes: don't let the prices blinded
some people value expensive materials, that the more expensive the better. The blind pursuit of price's buying patterns, can lead to incorrect selection.
Tips: for metal ceiling, and purity of aluminum sheet and surface processes are not the same, relatively large price differences. Best buckle is LG film imports, no chromatic aberration, 30 years do not change color. Spraying was the least easily stick oil, toxic, easy to change color. So consumers in addition to cost-conscious attention to see the material.
myth: metal ceilings are green
a lot of people think that metal is more environmentally, harmful effects on the human body is not, in fact, this ceiling to buy common mistakes.
Tips: high quality metal plate really green, but poor quality metal plate containing heavy metals, radiation on humans. And high iron content easy to rust, poor quality film covering the breeding of bacteria.
mistake three: plate thickness
some people only care about blindly, the thicker the better the quality. In fact, the thickness of the plate does not represent the quality, but too thick plates can affect the appearance and durability of ceiling.
Court: judge the quality of sheet material is the key, the purity of aluminum, aluminum ceiling light, good flexibility. Poor-quality aluminum plate iron, high content of heavy metal, plank heavy and easily broken. So it's not the thicker, the better.
error four: bigger is better
sheet consumers think, select larger plates, use less, can save a lot of overhead, but installation does not work.
Tips: ceiling plate is not bigger is better, as long as the reach the national standard would be nice on the market between the aluminium lining width 10-15 cm. According to the actual situation of space, picking the right size of plates are savvy consumers.