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Note 4 integrated ceiling installation details

corner installation level of Visual
first of all, we want to check the level of integrated ceiling corner installation of Visual is good, to do a 90-degree angle without gap, no obvious distortions. Then look at the lining of overall smoothness and gaps between the gusset Visual is good.

integrated ceiling installation
/> screw strength next checks the strength of a screw. We are desirable pieces of ceiling plate, check the distance between the screw-compliance with installation standards, and then by hand to the appropriate tension screw several times, confirm whether there is loose.
electrical installation firm number
and check the electric installation firm. We can try to use hands to normal push electrical body, see if the appliance is detached from the triangular keel.
electrical function
last thing to test is whether the appliance functioning properly. We can turn on a switch, observe the appliance is working properly; ventilation, heating module positions are reasonable; air or air-heating module is turned on, sound is normal, no obvious noise.

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