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Integrated ceiling fame, leading the new trend in home improvement

integrated ceiling in stylish, convenient
ceiling family days, well outside of coordination with the style of the room, ceiling, you need durable, comply with environmental protection requirements, gives a warm feeling. Before the advent of integrated ceiling, traditional kitchen and ceiling materials are PVC and PVC type.

PVC ceiling, PVC ceiling water, scrub resistance, and low price, used to be the first choice for many consumers simply decorated, but they are easily deformed, aging fast, and environmentally unfriendly, it long time emit harmful gases at high temperature, which is contrary to modern green home. Integrated ceiling is a combination of aluminum plate, is functional, one-stop kitchen ceiling art. Consumers choose an integrated ceiling brand, merchant once installed good, so he does not need to be running around to buy a variety of material combinations, this is relatively easy, saves time. There is also a key point: because is a professional integrated ceiling modules, from the appearance of the surface of degree, should be far better than the traditional ceiling combinations together.
owners are now praised home design concept, integrated ceiling designers according to the owner's apartment, ceramic tile colors, ceiling configurations, which enhance the overall effectiveness of the owners House and utility functions.