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Brief introduction of integrated ceiling

&Nbsp;     integrated ceiling generally used in kitchens, bathrooms and balconies, as the industry continues to grow and develop at this stage to all custom ceiling, such as: living room, bedroom, study, dining room, Hall, Club, KTV, decoration and other commercial sectors.
      integrated ceiling [2] evolved from the combination of traditional single ceiling to the room ceiling, custom ceiling, ceiling, all quality control 3D motion ceiling, ceiling, double-wide ceiling, smart ceiling, and so on, for integrated ceiling industry to have a new and innovative concept, developed better and better.
simply put, integrated ceiling called the overall ceiling, the overall ceiling, that is the ceiling module and appliance module, were made into a standard modular modules, integrated with the installation. But do not underestimate this "integration", the "integration" is characterized by a very clear--1. beautiful "top": differs mechanically installed on the kitchen ceiling bathroom heater or fan or lights after the effect, after the installation of integrated ceiling is no longer stiff combination, but beautiful and harmony of shape at the top. 2. function "top": independent of heating lamp, and independent of lighting lamp, and independent of fan, can reasonable arrangement installation location, overcome has traditional bath PA installation location of embarrassing, can will heating lamp installation in shower district are above, and lighting lamp installation in room in the or wash Taiwan of location, fan installation in SAT will device are above, to can makes each items function are placed in has most need of space location Shang. 3. durable "top": traditional bath product features hard to combine as one, and takes the form of Pan package. In the course of using, due to the high power and temperature also increases and reduced component life. Integrated ceiling modules after the split, open split installation installation, electrical component life increased by 3 times more than double.