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Integrated ceiling purchase considerations

(a) the plates
common in the aluminum plate, coated boards, rolling Board, three oxide material and unity of these three materials are formed by surface treatment of aluminum substrate. Poor-quality aluminum ceilings are made of recycled junk aluminum not only fail to do thin, and because the material from unknown sources, is likely to have radiation health effects, are more prone to corrosion and flaking of the surface layer, and so on. Three kinds of material, low-end film-coated material and mid-range products roll-coated sheet coating, more easily by unscrupulous manufacturers to adopt non-environmentally friendly low-quality coating layer, paint, not only soon faded, flaking, and in the process release harmful gases, causing a "decoration". There are many manufacturers started using new materials such as magnesium aluminium manganese alloy pressed ceiling plate, gradually phasing out coated plate.
(ii) accessories
When you purchase must concern auxiliary (installed part of the main frame, including v-keel, keel, hangers, hanging, etc). Auxiliary material relative to the integrated ceiling, equivalent to Foundation with beams of the building, leaving many suspended ceiling installed less than two years, due to the auxiliary
corrosion or could not be caused by the load-bearing ceiling phenomenon such as deformation, subsidence or collapse. To use all-metal mounting frame

integrated ceiling
, not only using high quality steel production of accessories and painted in corrosion-resistant coatings on all accessories, so that the overall framework of metallic luster.
(c) electric
there are many simply do not have the electrical capacity of integrated ceiling manufacturers, cobbled together in the integrated concept of poor-quality electrical appliances to form a "ceiling + electrical" cheap package tactical sales. Therefore, the capacity of consumers to judge whether the brand has appliances and quality assurance, it is best to select those brands that has the capability of independent innovation and enterprise.
integrated ceiling design, installation installation is the key to integrated ceiling and three separate materials of seven charges. We purchased on each brand in-store prices are just raw materials, these materials only by professional designers, installers, can be turned with the overall style of integrated ceiling decoration.